posted on
May 26, 2023

Google’s Move to GA4: How To Stand Up GA4

We’ve pulled together resources and screenshots to help you migrate to GA4. Follow these and feel confident as you switch before June 1 – giving you time to analyze your data before Google’s July 1 switchover.
posted on
May 18, 2023

Google’s Move to GA4: Why You Should Switch Now

On July 1, 2023, Google Analytics will officially sunset its legacy system and go-live with its new iteration, GA4. Learn how this will impact your day-to-day campaign performance management and what you must do now to prepare.
posted on
May 11, 2023

Listrak Earns G2 Accolades for Identity Resolution and More

Once again, Listrak has been named a Leader and High Performer in multiple categories by G2, even beating out all other Identity Resolution competitors on G2’s Relationship Index.
posted on
December 1, 2022

Post-Holiday: Three Things You Need to Do to Start the Year Off Right

Once the holiday season ends, it doesn’t mean your customers’ shopping season is done. Just the opposite – it kicks off a new kind of shopping season.
posted on
November 30, 2022

Identity Resolution Engages New Customers and Drives Dramatic Revenue Results for Retailers

Learn why Identity Resolution is the key to connecting with customers in 2023
posted on
November 16, 2022

Consolidating Vendors Pays Off for Sol De Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro scales with Listrak’s integrated platform and unlocks operational savings by 50%!
posted on
October 5, 2022

How to Stay Compliant with Website Data Privacy Laws (and Avoid 7-Figure Fines) with Listrak

The latest data privacy ruling, CA Supreme Court vs. Sephora, is a wake-up call for retailers putting off CCPA and GDRP compliance. Learn what you must do now.
posted on
August 8, 2022

Listrak named a Leader and High Performer by G2

We are proud to announce that Listrak has been named a LEADER in multiple categories in G2’s Summer Report thanks to our great clients and their ongoing satisfaction!
posted on
June 24, 2022

3 Tips to Help You to Avoid the Summer Slump

Summer is a busy season, but it's not always busy for retailers and brands. Follow our 3 Tips to Summer Sales and Data Collection with GXP.
posted on
March 29, 2022

Is Disparate Data Limiting Your Performance?

Learn six reasons your digital marketing performance may be suffering and how Listrak can unify your data.
posted on
March 10, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Remember the Last Mile is Also Critical for Digital

Work with your deliverability team to solidify the "last mile" for your email and SMS messages.
posted on
March 9, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Continue To Nurture the Customer After Every Sale

Retention is essential to maximize growth and profits, Learn must-do strategies to retain your customers.
posted on
February 23, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Foster Engagement To Ensure Visitors Become Browsers, and Browsers Become Buyers

posted on
February 22, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Prioritize Acquisition, Identity, and List Growth 

Learn how to collect better zero- and first-party data for better customer interactions.
posted on
February 10, 2022

Digital Marketing in 2022: Preparing for a Cookie-less World

A blog series to teach strategies to help you win with digital marketing in 2022. Part 1: The Death of Cookies
posted on
February 9, 2022

Listrak Announces Direct Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The combination of the two marketing technology platforms allows clients to deliver targeted, triggered, cross-channel 1:1 messages to exponentially grow revenue.
posted on
February 2, 2022

How Personalization Drives Better Conversions with Listrak GXP

Learn how GXP works alongside your email marketing to turboboost your email efforts and personalize the shopper experience.
posted on
January 12, 2022

Why Now is the Time to Consolidate your Digital Marketing Tools

A single platform can give you the complete picture of channels, engagement, and attribution.
posted on
December 13, 2021

How Influencer Marketing Unlocks Hidden Revenue in the Beauty Space

Influencer marketing in the beauty space isn’t new, but its popularity has soared recently.
posted on
March 9, 2021

Project Launchpad: Active Personalization

Personalization is not always executed to the full extent. In 2021, we need to make personalization ubiquitous.
posted on
March 2, 2021

Project Launchpad: Behavioral Triggers

Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to do with triggers, and it’s coming in 2021. See what is available now and what is coming later this year.
posted on
February 23, 2021

Project Launchpad: Broadcast Campaigns

There is more you can do with broadcast messages. Don’t get comfortable using just one or two tools in your toolbox. Listrak makes it easy to level up your emails and maximize results.
posted on
February 16, 2021

Project Launchpad: Identification and Acquisition

Step #1 in the 2021 Success Plan. Most retailers aren’t doing enough when it comes to identification & acquisition. Learn how to be strategically assertive in 2021.
Strategy and Tactics
posted on
February 15, 2021

Project Launchpad: Look Back 2020

2020 was anything but ordinary. Look back at the data and learn the four key lessons retail marketers need to take forward this year.

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