13 minutes 0 seconds

With the start of GA4 on July 1, understand the differences between the systems and the significant changes GA4 brings in its attribution, reporting, and channel performance splits. Get best practices for setting up your new GA4 account and securing historical data. With Listrak’s help, now is the time to compare your data from both properties to ensure you are confident with the data once the switchover occurs.

21 minutes 3 seconds

Understand this year's biggest digital engagement and growth opportunities, the top-performing email and SMS campaigns you should execute, and see best-in-class examples to help you get started. Then benchmark your campaign performances to monitor success this year.

20 minutes 17 seconds

Identity Resolution isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the new lifeblood for digital marketers and revenue growth. Learn about Listrak’s GXP solution, how it will amplify your existing marketing efforts, and why it’s the leading choice in the industry.

6 minutes 22 seconds

Understand what influences your shoppers and how to engage with them once they visit your site.

Video available at 1pm, January 28th
9 minutes 56 seconds

Watch this short video overview to learn how to increase e-comm revenue by 12% - 20% -- with no work from your team.

Identification & Acquisition

5 minutes 42 seconds
Step #1 to accelerate your growth.

Broadcast Campaigns

7 minutes 34 seconds
Step #2 to expand your growth.

Behavioral Triggers

4 minutes 15 seconds
Step #3 to trigger additional revenue.

Active Personalization

3 minutes 23 seconds
Step #4 to provide a smarter shopper experience.
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Ready to grow your business?
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