Salesforce Marketing Cloud Clients: Turbocharge Your Revenue!

Listrak’s Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP) is the fastest way to engage new customers and grow your revenue like never before. GXP is a strategically-managed innovative solution that turbocharges improvement in list growth, onsite conversions, and triggered revenue...all with performance guarantees.

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12-21% Additional eCommerce Revenue

By integrating Listrak's GXP with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can deliver targeted, triggered cross-channel 1:1 messages, while making it easy to centrally manage and execute your campaign strategies. We deliver results, you can focus on maximizing and measuring your growth.

What Is the Value of Integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Listrak's GXP?

Driving Ecommerce Revenue Growth for 150+ Clients

468% Increase in Subscriber Growth

The importance of first-party and zero-party data is more important than ever. GXP helps you identify more of your audience and significantly increase new customers across owned channels with integrated identity resolution.

When Listrak shared the details of the GXP program, we knew that it would accelerate our growth. Our three-year partnership continues to be an outstanding investment…"

President, Auto Brand

650% Increase in Trigger Revenue

Take your behaviorally triggered campaigns to another level by identifying more traffic, increasing the volume of triggered messages, and enhancing highly relevant and personalized cross-channel campaigns to drive considerably more incremental revenue.

79%+ Lift to Onsite Conversions

Retailers spend an enormous amount of wasted budget pushing new users to their website who leave without making a purchase. GXP allows you to optimize the entire customer journey to help those visitors convert onsite using a myriad of tools, including intent algorithms, treatments by source, campaign suppression features, and much more providing a greater return on acquisition spend.

Guaranteed ROAS

While other platforms overcharge for underperforming programs, we work directly with clients on an ongoing growth strategy to ensure guaranteed results are delivered.

Listrak has become a true extension of our team, staying connected to our business and helping drive performance with their expertise. We’re excited by the results so far and looking forward to continued partnership.”

VP, Direct to Consumer

Strategic Management

The Listrak team will handle everything from setup, strategy, design, and implementation to optimization, analysis, and ongoing reporting saving you precious time and resources. Focus your marketing efforts on other initiatives while Listrak’s team of strategists grow your revenue.

News Release:

Listrak’s GXP now integrates seamlessly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

"The combination of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Listrak’s Growth Xcelerator Platform gives clients the ability to centrally manage and execute their campaign strategies,” said Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak.

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Rapid, Easy Integration So You Can Deploy Quickly

Current Salesforce Marketing Cloud clients have two options when it comes to sending their triggered emails for GXP:

Option 1

Listrak’s GXP will send your triggered emails and pass back all marketing analytics/data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Option 2

Listrak’s GXP will send your triggered emails directly from Salesforce Marketing Cloud while still leveraging our powerful behavioral event triggers and strategically-managed strategy.*

*Additional technical integrations may be necessary.

Guaranteed, Proven Results

By integrating Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Listrak's GXP, you can grow ecommerce revenue -- while increasing subscriber growth, trigger revenue, onsite conversions -- and have guaranteed ROAS...all provided by an experienced, knowledgeable, and responsive Listrak team that works with you in lockstep to drive results.

Schedule a demo of Listrak's GXP today, and see how other retailers are propelling fast, impressive growth.

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Ready to grow your business?
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