Retailers and brands are constantly challenged by disparate customer data housed across multiple digital marketing vendors. Sol de Janeiro was no different – until they made the smart decision and switched to Listrak’s integrated platform. With Listrak, data is unified (from website, identity, email, SMS, and push) and freely accessible for marketers to act on.  This allows them to deliver and automate exceptional, seamless customer experiences that increase revenue.

“Consolidating our email & SMS programs in one place has enabled us to unlock additional scale and a better understanding of impact as we use the same attribution and measurement parameters across the entire ecosystem. We now provide a true cohesive experience across the funnel for our new and existing customers.”
- Genevieve Head-Gordon, Director of Ecommerce & Growth

Sol de Janeiro employs Email, SMS, Identity Resolution, Behavioral Triggers, and Personalization while all their data works seamlessly together from the Listrak platform. The results are phenomenal!

  1. Partnering with Listrak to do the work of their three previous vendors has resulted in a 50% reduction in monthly marketing automation costs.
  2. Connecting their data has closed customer journey gaps and driven a 28% increase in total ecommerce revenue YOY.
  3. Finely orchestrated email and SMS campaigns have resulted in a best-in-class customer experience, generating an 18% improvement in revenue contribution from Email & SMS.
  4. Resulting in 41% total ecommerce revenue driven by Listrak’s integrated platform (vs 35% with previous disparate vendors).

Are you ready to see similar results with your marketing efforts? Listrak’s customer engagement platform will give you unmatched channel orchestration. From data unification and identity resolution to personalization and owned channel automation – you will deliver exceptional customer experiences and increased revenue. Get started.