Summer is a busy season, but it's not always fantastic for retailers and brands. Yes, some retailers experience peak sales during this time, but others see a slowdown in sales. 

Regardless, every eCommerce marketing program can use a boost during these months, whether to maximize seasonal sales or mitigate the summer slump. 

Follow our 3 Tips to Summer Sales and Data Collection with GXP:

Tip 1: Capture & Convert First-Time Users 

Your team may be in and out of the office during the summer months, but you can't afford to take a break from your marketing efforts. Your site traffic is never guaranteed, so it's crucial to always be capturing and identifying your site visitors and converting them on the first visit. 

This is easier said than done — especially if your marketing programs and strategies lack the personalization to keep onsite users engaged and sharing their email or mobile numbers. You may only get one shot to convert a visitor, so it’s imperative to create offers and engaging content that is hyper-focused on your audience’s needs and preferences.

That’s where Listrak’s GXP solution fills the gap.

GXP is a strategically-managed platform built to aid your onsite customers' journeys and provide the right guidance through the buying process. It engages site traffic through personalized touchpoints that increase list growth, onsite conversions, and triggered revenue. 

When a visitor lands on your eCommerce site, GXP gives a custom-tailored online shopping experience through persistent banners, pop-ups, and information. These elements engage users with relevant content, resulting in higher conversions and improved user experience — which leads to returning, repeat sales.

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GXP uses a tailored pop-up overlay relevant to each specific, targeted audience. The pop-ups can be customized by interest, profiles, source, etc. The personalization options are endless depending on the experience you want to provide — which is key since personalization drives engagement. 

Tip 2: Timing, Timing, Timing: Review Your Campaign Sequences

With busy summer schedules, customers are likely moving from consideration to purchase quicker than at other times of the year. Some may be more engaged on mobile vs desktop. 

Our second tip reminds you to review and optimize your campaign timing sequences and messaging channels based on current behaviors. If your team is lean on resources, GXP is the perfect partner to help offset this workload. Our experts constantly test, monitor, and optimize each onsite experience and behavioral trigger to ensure effectiveness. 

GXP stands by the mantra - timing is everything. If your messages aren't being deployed at optimal times, you are losing revenue. Whether sending triggers or customizing onsite experiences, each message must be sent to the right person at the right time and across the right channels. Given the proliferation of devices across a single identity, GXP can identify, recognize, and leverage zero- and first-party data across mobile, tablet, and laptop – and ensure messages aren't overlapping on devices.

How does it do this?  

  • Our experts analyze each campaign to ensure that every second is accounted for and revenue isn't lost in the process.
  • GXP isn't only for first-time users. We recognize previous triggers, loop back, and provide further personalization onsite and through your emails — always making sure each message is seen in a timely manner.
  • Pop-ups should be triggered as soon as a visitor lands on a site, and additional pop-ups should be personalized to the customer’s stage in the buyer’s journey.
  • With GXP, every onsite touchpoint will remind the user to subscribe to your email, subscribe to your SMS list, or showcase a personalized offer.
  • GXP pop-ups provide instant value (in the form of a coupon, new site visitor discount, etc.) along with a deadline to act (e.g., countdown timer, within two days, etc.) to the right audience at the right time to increase sales.

With optimized timing on your campaign sequences, your messages will arrive exactly when they’ll have the most impact — and create the most revenue. 

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Tip 3: Hype Up the Summer Holidays, and Make Up Your Own

Whether your peak sales season is during summer or not, every retailer and brand should capitalize on the holidays to feature sales and promotions. Traditional summer holidays are part of everyone's lives and schedules, and customers expect holiday sales. You will drive revenue with minimal effort, and GXP will collect customer data you'll use for future marketing efforts and year-over-year success. Remember, every data point you collect (at any time of the year) is one step closer to creating a 360-degree data profile of your customers.

Look to create promotions around the following summer holidays:

  • Memorial Day
  • Father's Day 
  • Fourth of July
  • Back to School
  • Labor Day

If you create customized product groupings and bundles for each holiday, even better.

Retailers using GXP have seen, on average, a 7%-15%+ increase in ecommerce revenue.

Don't Let Summer Slow Your Growth

Retailers can avoid the summer slump by leveraging GXP to increase sales and acquisition. By integrating GXP with your current marketing and email service provider platform, you can boost sales now while collecting invaluable data for future marketing campaigns. 

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