Black Friday + Weekend


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Increase in Daily Subscription Rate (SMS + Email)
Cyber Monday


Increase in Onsite Conversions (First-Time Purchasers Measured Against Control)

As a Listrak Email and Text Message Marketing client, Sol de Janeiro understood the importance of a unified platform and decided to move their identity resolution marketing program from another provider to GXP. With access to Sol de Janeiro’s newly consolidated data, GXP’s team of expert strategists implemented a custom, cross-channel marketing strategy highlighting SMS, a key channel for Sol de Janeiro.

The results: GXP turbocharged subscription growth and accelerated Commerce revenue gains in comparison to Sol de Janeiro’s previous identity resolution marketing program.

GXP is crushing every major KPI we have set for our company. Our executive team is ecstatic with the results.
Genevieve Head-Gordon, Director of eCommerce & Growth

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Ready to grow your business?
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