GXP Impacts 30% of Total Ecomm Revenue for Cookie's Kids

Black Friday + Weekend


Total Ecomm Revenue Impacted by GXP


increase in identity Recognition of Users with Purchase Intent
Cyber Monday


Increase in Conversion Rate

Cookie's Kids was previously on another ID resolution platform, but when they heard about Listrak's GXP solution, they made the switch immediately to consolidate all data into one platform to generate optimal performance. With all the data in one place, triggered automation performance has improved compared to the previous ID resolution platform and the customer experience is more personalized.

GXP continues to help Cookie’s Kids iterate and improve the customer experience.

We have been with another ID resolution platform, and nothing compares to GXP. GXP not only helps our business grow, but they are an extension of our team.
David Chalom, CFO

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Ready to grow your business?
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