GXP Drives 24% of Total Ecommerce Revenue


Total Ecommerce Revenue Driven by GXP


Increase in Daily Opt-Ins


Increase in Triggered Revenue

Lehman’s joined Listrak in 2016 after experiencing dissatisfaction with their previous email vendor, needing a partner who could help them scale and grow their business. With a large inventory of necessity-based products, Lehman’s business has boomed in 2020 and they have found great success with Listrak’s category-based segmentation tools. In order to continue to build on this business, Lehman’s immediately signed on with Listrak’s Growth XceleratorProgram GXP (GXP).

Since launching GXP, Lehman’s has seen a 43% increase in their daily opt-ins.

Our relationship with Listrak spans four plus years, so there’s a lot of trust there. When GXP was created, we knew immediately it would provide quick results.
Matt Gerstenslager, VP, Digital Marketing

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