GXP Achieves a 68x ROAS for Le Creuset ‍

Black Friday + Weekend


Increase in Identity Recognition of Users with Purchase Intent


Increase in Daily Subscriber Signups
Cyber Monday

Le Creuset, a loyal Listrak client of 8 years, found themselves in search of fresh ways to drive ecommerce revenue and onsite growth. This led to the addition of Listrak’s Growth Xcelerator platform (GXP), an innovative identity resolution marketing solution, into their marketing tech stack.

GXP’s team of expert strategists implemented personalized, intent-based popups that resulted in massive subscription growth, with a 104% increase in daily subscriber signups. They were also able to more than double their triggered revenue using carefully crafted and continually optimized email campaigns.

Additionally, GXP collected and used zero- and first-party data to identify more existing users than before, creating more opportunities for repeat and first-time purchases. Overall, Le Creuset has seen a phenomenal 68x increase in ROAS with the implementation of GXP.

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Ready to grow your business?
Let’s talk.