GXP Drives 20% of Total Ecommerce Revenue for Jonathan Adler

Black Friday + Weekend


Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Increase in Daily Subscription Rate
Cyber Monday


Increase in Onsite Conversions

Already a successful Listrak email and SMS brand, Jonathan Adler understood the importance of best-in-class solutions fueled by a single platform. Looking to further scale their business and programs, Jonathan Adler added Listrak’s Growth Xcelerator Platform (GXP), an identity resolution marketing solution.

The benefits of adding GXP were threefold. GXP added another revenue channel, orchestrated all their communications from the same platform, and unified their customer data. Not only that, but GXP reduced their monthly total cost of operation.

GXP’s team of expert strategists used cross-channel data to fully personalize every aspect of the customer journey. For Jonathan Adler, this meant hyper-targeted acquisition and triggered messages that achieved results far beyond industry benchmarks. GXP is now a leading revenue channel for Jonathan Adler, creating a 29% increase in onsite conversions and a 210% increase in daily subscription rate.

GXP has elevated our marketing strategy, enabling us to capture more new customers than ever before and has returned 68x on our investment.
Eliana Weisenberg, Ecommerce Coordinator GXP Case Study gxp.

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Ready to grow your business?
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