Listrak’s GXP and Klaviyo Now Have a Direct, Seamless Integration

Providing Klaviyo clients a way to centrally manage and execute enterprise  campaign strategies without leaving their ESP was the priority when creating our  Klaviyo-GXP integration.”  

April 28, 2022 - Listrak Inc., the leading cross-channel marketing platform for  retailers and brands, announced a direct integration with its Growth Xcelerator  Platform (GXP) and Klaviyo. The seamless integration of data between the two  marketing platforms gives retailers and brands the ability to leverage Klaviyo’s pre built email templates and reporting while allowing GXP to recognize anonymous  devices and generate exponential trigger revenue by sending personalized  behavioral triggered messages. GXP’s enterprise level managed technology provides  maturing brands and retailers on Klaviyo custom acquisition tools built to consume  zero- and first-party data which is increasingly critical for rapid list growth amongst  the ever-changing consumer privacy concerns.  

GXP also gives Klaviyo clients the power to increase the volume of triggered and  personalized cross-channel messages versus general marketing outreach. By  combining GXP and Klaviyo, clients have a single hub to orchestrate their campaigns  and better identify the anonymous visitors to their websites, leading to stronger  conversions, engagement, and revenue. Retailers and brands can tap into GXP’s  behavioral triggering, onsite targeting, and message personalization – managing all  within Klaviyo’s Marketing Automation.  

GXP adds a complementary layer of innovative technology on top of existing Klaviyo  capabilities, amplifying existing results and increasing the overall gains from  marketing automation. Additionally, there is no heavy email service provider (ESP) lift required in this integration: Listrak directly integrates with existing eCommerce  and ESP tech stacks.  

Listrak’s GXP is a managed service and identity resolution technology that  guarantees and supercharges marketing metrics that matter, including a higher  return on ad spend and average 7-15% increases in ecommerce revenue. Other  typical GXP results: Clients experience list growth over email and mobile at an  average of over 100%, 30% improved first-time conversion rates, and increased  trigger revenue of more than 70%.  

The GXP/Klaviyo integration strengthens value for clients of both platforms in the  following ways: 

  • Seamlessly shared data between GXP and Klaviyo provides ease of email  creation, email deployment, and subscription status and syncing. • Clients can deliver fully rendered and mobile responsive emails within  Klaviyo’s Marketing Automation, optimized with GXP’s hyper-personalized  behavioral triggers to generate significantly increased revenue. 
  • As clients must rely less on third-party data, they can fill that gap immediately  and quickly scale zero- and first-party data using GXP’s identity resolution and  targeted acquisition tactics. 
  • A single point-of-access for clients to ensure triggered emails align with  frequency capping and suppression rules.  
  • All-in-one reporting to provide the right analytics and guidance to make  smarter campaign decisions. 

“Providing Klaviyo clients a way to centrally manage and execute enterprise  campaign strategies without leaving their ESP was the priority when creating our  Klaviyo-GXP integration,” said Ross Kramer, CEO of Listrak. “GXP is also a white glove,  full-service solution that has a team of experts providing end-to-end setup and  strategic management... so clients can focus on other growth strategies, while GXP generates tremendous cross-channel improvements to their ecommerce experience;  not to mention significant revenue growth.”