Listrak’s Project Launchpad: Your 2021 Success Plan,Personalization

Welcome to our Project Launchpad Blog Series. Here we are breaking down the tips, tricks, and tools you need to exceed your aggressive 2021 revenue goals.

If you missed the first four blogs in this series, catch-up now:  

Look Back at the 2020 Data

Step #1: Identification and Acquisition

Step #2: Broadcast Campaigns  

Step #3: Behavioral Triggers

Core #4: Personalization

Personalization is not always executed to the full extent. In 2021, we need to make personalization ubiquitous.

The machine always wins. Product recommendations driven by AI based on rich browse and purchase data must be in every single email to maximize revenue. It’s a scrolling culture; we all keep swiping on our phones looking for more. Emails are an avenue to get someone back to the site. What brings them to return is products and specifically products that interest them.

Also, don’t forget to repurpose your blog, microsite, and video content into your emails. Listrak has a Predictive Content tool that recommends content based on your engaged content or based on purchase and browse data.

Success Plan Step #4: Make personalization ubiquitous – there really is no excuse in 2021.  Marry product recommendations with relevant content to keep people engaged with your emails and clicking.

You can watch the full Step #4 webinar video here.